Maxillofacial surgery


Maxillofacial surgery, also called stomatology, is functional, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. This surgical specialty was developed with the two world wars to reconstruct "broken mouths".
The maxillofacial surgeon is specialized in everything related to the cranio-maxillo-oral-facial sphere: traumatological, carcinological and malformative pathologies of the face, but also reconstructive surgery, especially flap surgery and microsurgery.

Maxillofacial surgery Stomatology or maxillofacial surgery Tunisia: areas of intervention

Maxillofacial surgery Tunisia covers:

  • Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face and neck,
  • Facial trauma,
  • Surgery for cancers of the mouth, neck and salivary glands,
  • Craniofacial surgery (in case of congenital malformations or trauma),
  • orthognathic surgery (which corrects the alignment of teeth and jaws),
  • Stomatology and oral surgery (which, among other things, treats jaw dysfunctions and performs implants, bone grafts, etc.). 


Maxillofacial surgery

What does a maxillo-facial surgeon do in Tunisia

A maxillofacial surgeon diagnoses and treats injuries and abnormalities of the face, mouth, teeth and jaws.
Maxillofacial surgery is used in many cases:

  • Correction of jaw deviations, 
  • Treatment of sleep apnea, often related to a poorly positioned jaw, and bruxism (grinding or clenching of teeth), 
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures including rhinoplasties (repair or correction of a nose considered unsightly), 
  • Management of facial fractures and malformations, bone grafts, 
  • Treatment of cysts and tumours...


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