Price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Clinique du Centre - Prix chirurgie esthétique Tunisie

What are the rates for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia?

The fees for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia are generally paid before the intervention. Often, consultation fees are deducted from the intervention. Costs vary considerably and depend on the complexity of the operation, the location of the intervention and the anesthesia administered.

The Center Clinic prepares a complete guide to the fees for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. You will have the opportunity to prepare your medical stay in a framework of transparency and mutual trust.

InterventionPrice in Euro
Face surgery
Hair transplant1900
Aesthetic Rhinoplasty2200
Simple rhinoplasty1800
Ethnic Rhinoplasty2200
Genioplasty protruding chin1500
Genioplasty chin receding chin2000
Full face lift3500
Forehead lift1800
Temporal lift1800
Malaria lift2000
Cervical-facial lift2200
Neck lift1350
Lipofillig face (dark circles and cheeks)1350
Blepharoplasty 21250
Blepharoplasty 41500
Hyaluronic acid250
Breast Surgery
Breast augmentation by prosthesis2000
Breast lipofilling2000
Breast lift per prosthesis2300
Breast reduction2100
Change of breast prosthesis2200
Gynecomastia for men1550
Silhouette Surgery
Arm lift1500
Liposuction (one or two zones)1500
Liposuccion (three to four zones)1750
Large liposuction1800
Abdominoplatie + small liposuction2400
Abdominoplatie + large liposuction1900
Buttock Lift2000
Buttock augmentation (lipofilling)2250
Buttock augmentation by round prosthesis 2400
Buttock augmentation by anatomical prosthesis 2600
Intimate area surgery
Labioplasty (reduction of the vaginal lips)1000
Obesity surgery
Gastric ring3000
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