Our Team

Our Team

Welcome to the Clinique du Centre 

The clinic’s  team is made up of more than 100 employees and professionals in various fields related to health. This experienced team makes all of its know-how available for our dear patient.

You are welcomed in a refined and luxurious atmosphere by a friendly and competent staff who is available  to answer all your questions and expectations.

Our team will provide you with support and guidance during the entire treatment and even afterwards. 

Hospitalization in the  clinic takes place in a well equipped space to ensure absolute comfort for patients before and after treatment. 

Clinique du Centre - Notre équipe

A competent French-speaking team will be available and will accompany you throughout your stay and ensure:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical pathologies.
  • The management of emergencies thanks to the permanent presence of emergency physicians, resuscitation doctors, radiologists, surgeons and clinicians on call 24 hours a day.
  • Radiological explorations.
  • Functional explorations:
    • Respiratory: EFR, bronchial fibroscopy.
    • Digestive: endoscopy, pH measurements /monitoring
    • Cardiovascular: rhythmic holter, tension holter, stress test.
  • The care in medical and surgical intensive care is done in a service of international standards with 8 well-equipped beds and this is thanks to a professor who is the former head of department, a university assistant and a specialist working on rotating 24 hour shifts.