Clinique du Centre - Octobre, mois de la sensibilisation au cancer du sein
19 October 2020

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign that helps increase attention and support ...

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Clinique du Centre - L’allaitement maternel : importance et astuces
13 August 2020

Breastfeeding: importance and tips

Many medical experts strongly recommend breastfeeding (without formula, ...

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Clinique du Centre - Chirurgie esthétique Tunisie
07 August 2020

Aesthetic surgery Tunisia

Le développement de la chirurgie esthétique et de la médecine esthétique en Tunisie ...

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Clinique du Centre - La réduction mammaire
28 July 2020

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is indicated in cases of excessive breast volume and ptosis, i.e. the frequently associated ...

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Clinique du Centre - Obésité et surpoids : les causes, les risques et les traitements
19 June 2020

Obesity and overweight: causes, risks and treatments

Obesity significantly degrades the quality of life of an adult individual and can have serious consequences ...

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