Gynaecological-obstetric surgery


Gynecology-Obstetrics in Tunisia

Obstetrics and Gynecology is the medical specialty that deals with the woman's body and reproductive system.
Gynecology includes several branches:

  • Medical gynecology, which consists in the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the contraceptive cycle, menopause. Also the screening of genital cancers
  • Reproductive medicine, which is concerned with sterility and infertility
  • Antenatal medicine, which is used to better appreciate the state of fetal well-being, thanks to fetal ultrasonography 
  • Gynaecological surgery, especially for benign or malignant tumors 
  • Obstetrics refers to the monitoring of pregnancy as illnesses may occur antenatal , during delivery or postpartum

Gynaecological-obstetric surgery What does the gynecologist do?

A gynecologist in Tunisia takes care of everything related to women's health. Depending on the reason for the consultation and the diagnosis, the following examinations can be offered:

  • ultrasound scan 
  • vaginal touch 
  • amniocentesis 
  • a pap smear 
  • breast  palpation 
  • clinical practices related to assisted human reproduction
  • Accompaniment during childbirth, vaginal or caesarean delivery.

The medical team of the Center's Clinic includes 25 of the best gynecologists in Tunisia. The team also includes 9 competent and devoted midwives.

Gynaecological-obstetric surgery

What are the risks during a consultation with a gynecologist?

A consultation with a gynecologist will not entail any particular risk for the patient. In all cases, the doctor's duty is to clearly explain the procedures, tests and treatments to be performed, the difficulties or even the dangers.

Clinique du Centre - Chirurgie gynéco-obstétrique
Clinique du Centre - Chirurgie gynéco-obstétrique
Gynaecological-obstetric surgery

Gynecological surgery

Gynecological surgery is a surgery that focuses on the female genitalia: vulva, vagina, uterus and its appendages (ovaries and tubes) and breasts.

Surgical gynecology takes care of:

  • The benign surgical pathology of the woman (fibroma, polyp, cone biopsy, ...)
  • Utero adnexal pathology (ovarian cysts, adnexal infections)
  • The prolapse
  • Surgery for urinary incontinence 
  • Check-ups and infertility surgery
  • Definitive contraception
  • Senological surgery
  • Cancer pathology

Gynecological-obstetric surgery in Tunisia ranks among the most developed medical branches of this country in full scientific expansion.

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